Consulting Services

Our advisors in the logistics and supply chain are extremely experienced and work for us only, maintaining the understanding we acquire in the company and providing continuity to our customers. We concentrate on enhancing our customers ‘ profit margins, either by cutting expenses or by enabling development in income. Our independence from suppliers ensures that we are impartial and allows us to look at the full range of potential logistics and supply chain solutions.

Whether air, sea or rail, freight and logistics businesses face comparable difficulties: rate and revenue management, capacity planning, sales and customer service automation, and operations tightening. Increased volatility, global reach and increasing interconnectivity require greater levels of consistency and scale from their freight and logistics services. We address each challenge individually to help clients improve margins and stay flexible

Efficient supply chain

Al Azeez Shipping having a huge network of liners and agents delivering their cargo anywhere in the world around the clock, working with the leading commercial and charter operators in hundreds of trade lanes, we can bundle our customers’ combined volumes together to achieve competitive prices.

  • Time & the Delivery schedule is our main motto to keep our clients satisfy on every stage
  • Orbit delivers your cargo without the risk of product damage with professional packing
  • We relieve the customer from all their trouble & anxiety by maintaining timely and intact delivery of consignment at their doorstep
  • Deliver the right cargo at the right place at the right time


  • Import Consignments by Air/Sea
  • Export Consignments by Air/Sea
  • Bonding / Ex-Bonding of Consignments
  • Personnel unaccompanied baggage
  • Customs Clearance under High Seas Sales (HSS)
  • Re-Export or Re-Import Customs Clearance
  • Import/ Export between Multinational Companies with Relationship between Buyer & Sellers

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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

If your freight arrives damaged, it is important to accept the shipment in order to document the claim correctly. A claim must be filed within 48 hours of delivery, and can be done directly online on our site. FreightCenter will act as liaison and assist the customer in processing the claim and filing all necessary paperwork, though we cannot guarantee all claims will be accepted from the shipping company.

The best way to check your shipping status may depend on the carrier you selected. In some cases, your driver or your FreightCenter agent will notify you before pickup or delivery.

The safest mode of shipment is to use white glove or blanket wrap service. At an additional cost, this shipping option includes secure packaging by a professional and safe delivery by truck. Ask your FreightCenter agent about white glove or blanket wrap services.

Depending on the time of booking in your time zone, we can try to arrange for same-day pickup. Always speak to a FreightCenter agent directly for special arrangements and urgent bookings. Please allow a 4-hour window of time for freight pickup, and note that most shipping companies make pickups in the afternoon and spend their mornings with freight deliveries.

No. It is critical to the integrity of your quote that you determine the accurate weight of the freight items you are shipping. If you book your shipment at a weight that is incorrect, the freight carrier will discover the error when they weigh the freight (which they can do at any time). If an inaccurate weight is used in booking, a billing adjustment will be made at the carrier’s non-discounted rate and added to your account. Incorrect weight is the cause of more than half of all billing adjustments FreightCenter customers receive. Don’t guess. Get the weight right.

Yes. Quotes are based on freight class, dimensions and weight, but pricing is also subject to fuel price fluctuation. Due to fluctuating fuel costs, a rate or quote is only considered valid for 24 hours. In order to lock in the discounted rate, the details of your shipment need to be 100% accurate and the shipment needs to be booked within 24 hours of receiving your quoted rate.